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Back in 1955, AMREIN installed its first vibration and position measurement systems, to exchange the simple visual mechanical indicators on large turbines. Since then a continuous further development on sensors and electronics took place and new technologies and software were introduced. The comprehensive range of high quality sensors, monitoring and protection systems covering the following measurements types:

- Shaft relative vibration
- Shaft absolute vibration
- Bearing Vibration Eccentricity
- Axial shaft position
- Differential expansion
- Absolute expansion
- Servo / Valve Position
- Speed
- Temperatures
- Process variables                                        

- Eddy current proximity sensors for measuring vibrations, speed and displacement
- Seismic and piezo-electric sensors
- Inductive displacement sensors
- LVDT sensors for expansion and valve position measurements
- Since decades CIS AMREIN is a leading supplier of  pendulum transducers used for 
   collar based  differential expansion and axial shaft position measurements. 
- AMREIN sensors are known for their quality and reliability, especially  for applications
   in harsh environments (high temperatures, radiation, humidity etc). 
- CIS AMREIN has introduced a lot of sensor solutions for the Retrofit market to
   replace former AMREIN sensor generations without the need of mechanical 
   modifications on the machine.    
- Customer specific adaptation   

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System VMDS II:  Digital, modular on-Line machine monitoring and protection system, designed to cover complete and economic protection for single machines and complex multi-machine applications.

System RKK: Modular machine monitoring system.

SC – xxx:  Standalone monitoring units built into aluminium cast housings for mounting at machine’s foot or in a cabinet.

System CAVAS:  The CAVAS Vibration Monitoring, Analyse and Diagnostic System provides detailed on-line monitoring of Turbine Generator, Main Boiler Feed Pumps and other auxiliary plant equipment.

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- Non-current electronic systems
- Recorders
- Wired cabinets
- Protection boxes and enclosures
- Cable assemblies and protection sleeves
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- Project Engineering
- Product verification and repair service
- Calibration service
- Training
- Commissioning and installation assistance