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CIS AMREIN provides all the necessary assistance to identify non-current products and to evaluate if an upgrade solution to a newer technology is appropriate. CIS AMREIN is also known for their ability to supply spares of non-current products over a very long time range.  

VMDS I Monitoring System

• 19" 3U /  6U Microprocessor-controlled
• Monitoring modules equipped with bargraph   
• Built-in alarm relays for all channels
• Channel capacity  6 to 24 channels                  


To upgrade and complement the  several hundred monitoring systems ("PRAL" series) still in operation throughout the world, compatible monitoring modules are available.

CIS AMREIN AG is manufacturing high quality / reliability paper recorder types since more than 4 decades.

KS6P  6 Dots Recorder                                                 

• Front dimensions:   144x144 mm
• Paper width:          100 mm
• Paper length           24 m
• Paper speed           20 to 120 mm/h 
• Linearity                < 0.5 % 
• Marks:                   6-colours drum
ES  12/18/24 Dots Recorder                        

• Front dimensions:   288x288 mm
• Paper width:          240 mm
• Paper length           27 m
• Paper speed           20 to 120 mm/h 
• Linearity                < 0.5 % 
• Marks:                   6-colours drum
• Alarm option:          9  max
 KSLB   1/2/3 Lines Recorder                                    

• Front dimensions:   144x144 mm
• Paper width:          100 mm
• Paper length           30 m
• Paper speed           10 to 1800 mm/h 
• Linearity                < 0.3 % 
• Marks:                   6-colours drum
• Alarm option:          2/channel

To facilitate the installation, commissioning and
further maintenance over the years, CIS-AMREIN 
can deliver complete wired cabinets or wall cubicles,
ready to receive the measurement cable connections, measurements and alarm outputs on easily accessible, 
labelled distribution terminal blocks.               

BA- type protection box (Aluminium cast)

• Sealed protection box for industrial applications
• to house signal conditioners and terminals.
• Types available for 2,4 and 6 signal conditioners      
• Choice of different cable glands  
BI- type protection box (inox) 

• Sealed protection box for nuclear environment
• Choice of connectors or cable glands

Cable assemblies for CIS AMREIN sensors                        
• Cables  for 145°C to 300°C operating temperatures
• Connectors:  Lemo, FRB, MIL-C-5015, Jupiter  etc.

Protection sleeves for sensor cables

•  Optional, flexible metal protection sleeve
•  Adaptable to all sensor cables 
•  Made of profile-rolled galvanized steel tape, braided 

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